To get you up and running with the essentials.

DIR-S software application

Mobile and desktop apps

Unlimited devices and users

Access to admin portal

​Standard alerts

Emergency plans imbedded

Online tutorials and support

​​Technical support

​Peace of mind


The whole package with tips and training.

Everything in Basic 


Custom alerts and alert tones

Custom emergency guidance

Annual floor plan updates

Archived report generation


Everything you need to have peace of mind.

Everything in Basic and Premium


Tie in with First Responders

​Reunification sites embedded

Professional monitoring of alerts/drills

Emergency plan development

Unlimited floor plan updates


On-boarding is the hassle-free set up and assistance to get you started with DIR-S. There is a one-time fee for on-boarding. What’s included:

  • Assistance with the technical set up associated with the DIR-S Software
  • Up to one (1) session per quarter for assistance with implementation of DIR-S tools and/or methodology
  • Full access to all of the DIR-S Support Team
  • Access to the abundance of resources from the 24/7 available tutorials

*Rates are based on annual invoicing. Costs vary for facilities with sites that contain more than two buildings and two floors each.


Don't need to upgrade to a new plan? Pick and choose your favorites.
Peace of mind is always included.

Live Online Training

Personalized training for one person or the whole team via screen share. Great for quick and easy trainings that ends with a Q&A.

On-Site Training

We will come on-site and train up your team. We can do a small group in the library or the entire faculty in the auditorium.

Professional Consutlation

Need a safety plan or update your emergency protocols? We have industry experts to help with whatever you need.

Climate Security Survey

Do you know if your people really feel safe? Are there things that are afloat that can be addressed today if you knew about them?  Use our survey for an objective tool to get information for better decision making.

Site Assessment

Critical for every part of your facility is the ability to secure, evacuate and communicate. Let us walk through your site and create a step by step process for improvement and safety for resources readily at hand.

Emergency Plan Development

Keeping things simple and straight forward is how we develop a successful emergency plan. DIR-S takes basic principles and best practices and customizes them to your needs.



Feel free to give DIR-S a test drive. We want you to experience the power of DIR-S first hand. Send us your info and we will give you the "keys" (login credentials). All we ask is that you drive and let us help and guide you along the way. We promise not to be too much of a side-seat driver.